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2023-07-24 (Week 2277): Returning from Vacation

I’m updating later than usual because my partner and I returned from a vacation in Leavenworth earlier this afternoon. We enjoyed lots of good beer, wine, and food, floated the river thrice, and witnessed some wildlife (a deer drinking from the river and a bear foraging for food on the other side of the river), and we could relax and unwind.

Returning to everyday life has been annoying in dealing with grocery shopping, laundry (those were fine), and traffic (that was not). Being parked from Thursday afternoon until this morning and not having to drive for over three days was fantastic.

While on vacation, my partner and I started planning for a life a little further away from all the chaos that is city and suburb life. We’re both sure it’s down the road, but it doesn’t hurt to start planning.

Vacation also helped me to realize that I’m too high-strung and take myself and things too seriously. It’s good to plan and be motivated but not get upset when things don’t go as planned (as if they ever do). As long as I plot a course, I’ll get there eventually.

Another thing about vacation is that I realize I don’t have much to write about, as the events of last week’s pre-vacation have drifted from my memory. Life took a pause, and now I must get reacquainted with everything. I have my notes to look at, so I will reconvene with them tomorrow.

Until next week!