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2023-07-17 (Week 2276): Blast from the Past

Last week was slow, so I’m unsure where to begin. The weekend is a good place since it’s fresh, and it was a juxtaposition of two extremes.

On the good side, I caught up with some old friends from The Shizz (I’d link it, but the forum’s gone private), which was a lot of fun and felt like old times. From 2005-2008, it seemed like we’d get together once a month and spend a whole weekend gaming, making music, and getting into shenanigans.

We built our friendship off of our mutual love of The Minibosses, and after joining The Shizz in April of 2005 (as well as joining Dwelling of Duels, which intertwined with The Shizz), the gatherings started in May 2005. They continued to happen regularly until August 2008, when people from all over the country descended upon norg’s house, and we descended upon PAX ‘08.

A few of us in the greater Seattle area still get together every 2-3 months for a day of gaming and catching up, but it’s become more sparse as time has passed; but that is the way, isn’t it – people’s lives change, as do their priorities. So to have a day where one flew in from Japan, and another drove halfway across the country to meet up was pretty epic. Seeing familiar faces, catching up, and talking about old times while getting in some vintage gaming was beautiful.

Then, the next day was car repairs, errands, and chores, and the less said about those, the better. At least while waiting for car repairs, I had the time to go through last week’s journal entries and extract all the best ideas. That said, I have three weeks of summaries and notes to review again to refine further, though it may be easier now that ideas are coalescing more quickly.

I also jumped the gun on reading the warehouse events as some esoteric anomaly, as it was old wiring and the building next door also had electrical issues last week. We had to have Seattle City Light come out and work on a giant transformer below a metal grate behind the warehouse – it’s sub-street level but above the sewer. They got that squared away, and the lights in the warehouse worked again on Friday. Wednesday, July 5th was a day of symbolism regardless, so I’ll not write it off.

I’m also still debating whether or not to enter NaNoWriMo in November. I found some novels at Half Price Books that deal with more esoteric ideas (three from Richard Bach), so I will read those for inspiration. It seems like being able to write novels is being able to draw from your experience and interest and create a parallel world from your imagination. Perhaps that process felt too daunting to approach when I was younger.

Until next week!