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2023-07-10 (Week 2275): 8k and Surpassing Goals

Thanks to all of you at Neocities again for your continued support! 8k and on the way to 10k and beyond.

Speaking of goals, I made it to a personal best of 3080 words in an hour with my journal entry on Friday, surpassing my goal of 3000. I haven’t been able to hit that again yet, but I feel that 2500 words daily or at least 10,000 words weekly is a good baseline goal.

I also realized that my goal of writing 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo is moot because it’s National Novel Writing Month, and I’m not trying to write a novel. I suppose I could, but I haven’t read a novel in quite some time, and I’d need to read a few to get an idea for pacing and character development. I have a few in my queue (like Voltaire’s “Candide”), and I have a few months to decide, so we’ll see where the work takes me.

One aspect of my current work is cleaning up my electronic archives (as mentioned in previous weeks), and doing so is leading me back to music. I’ve found another good trio of programs for working with sound - Audacity for sound editing, Hydrogen for drum programming, and LMMS for a digital audio workstation (DAW). I’ve only done a little tinkering with each program, but I’m sure those programs will work for what I’m trying to do with future musical endeavors (whenever they may happen).

My goal of finishing Mordor is moving along steadily, and I’ve acquired and equipped some items on my goal list for the game. I’m working my way back to floor 15 and spending most of my time in the water areas on floors 7 and 11. They’re experience farms and are helping build character levels with consistency. There’s also a water area on 14, but I’ll get there again soon. It’s a bit hardcore for my 3rd & 4th party members, so I need to build them up more first.

I also had some exciting phenomena happen to me last week that correspond to reading more of and finishing Montalk’sFringe Knowledge for Beginners,” which has been an eye-opener. I’ve had all the lights burn out in the warehouse simultaneously, had a butterfly cross my path twice, and had many little things going wrong during routine tasks. After reading that e-book, it’s felt like I’m tuning into things certain entities don’t want me tuning into. I feel my works may veer towards the esoteric over time, but I have much more reading to do before that happens.

I notice now that I’m writing more during the week, my updates are becoming more voluminous, and I want to work on this website more. If nothing else, to get a links page up and a contact e-mail going. I realize I’ve had no way for anyone to contact me over the past year+ that I’ve posted here weekly, and it’s time to pull myself out of the vacuum. I also link so many things in my weekly updates that it would be good to have them all in one place for the use of others (and myself).

Until next week!