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2023-06-19 (Week 2272): To Find Another Way

It's been a rather busy week, which has made it difficult to make sense of the things I'm trying to discern. There is a poem or work of prose coming together from what I've uncovered, so I will keep digging and working on that.

While sifting through files, I found time to revisit a few DOS games I originally played almost 30 years ago. It was a blast from the past, but the games lacked the excitement they held for the teenage version of myself. Going through my files is the equivalent of sifting through a shoebox of old photos - full of memories but no longer relevant to the person sitting here and writing these words.

That's why I'm working on going through all of this data and consolidating everything - to close the previous chapters of my life, document them as well as I can, and let them go with love. Perhaps there are things others can learn from my experiences, and I know there's more I can learn from sitting back and looking at my past objectively.

I also know the way forward is writing, as it is the one thing I refuse to give up or step away from. The act of writing was the first thing I fell in love with, especially after visiting my first used book store at the age of eleven and picking up a copy of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger."

I began writing stories after that, though I'm thankful I never published them. I will go through those again during this process of electronic shoebox renovation to see what else I can glean. There are two successful completions of NaNoWriMo from 2003 and 2016 (over 50k words each), so I've got even more reading to do, along with going through all my notes.

As for the title this week, this time will go toward finding the direction of my future path. There are many things I will have to leave behind, but I can take them all with me in memory and dreams.

Until next week!