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2023-06-12 (Week 2271): Clearing the Path Again

I've decided that it's time to stop moving forward, to sit with all the content I've created and collected over the years and make some sense of it. I will only move forward again once I've discerned how I got here.

I wrote about being on a new route 36 weeks ago (New Route+), but I need to clear out and sift through a lot of the old to go down that route.

The path-clearing will result in a book or a series of essays and hopefully some heavily sought-after clarity.

I've forced myself to create new content for fear of becoming irrelevant, but I already am and always have been in the grand scheme. With that freeing information, I can create when it feels necessary, not because I feel that I have to.

I'm checking in here weekly, but any further creative impulses will remain unshared until I get through everything I feel I need to. I may tweak this site in the interim, but that's all.

I transferred all of my data from my Windows laptop to my Linux laptop after installing a 2TB HDD, and now it's time to sift. I'll let you know how that goes.

Until next week!