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2023-05-29 (Week 2269): Shifting With the Tides

It's been a busy week with long days and short nights, which led to sheer exhaustion by Thursday night. Thankfully, I took Friday off. I'm working today on Memorial Day, but that's no big deal. First, I already had my three-day weekend, and second, the commute will be light both ways. Tomorrow's commute will likely be a chasm of despair, leading me to the title of this week's entry.

I'm shifting my work schedule to earlier in the day to miss traffic, so my morning time will be cut short. It won't affect this website, but I must approach my morning routine more succinctly and adjust some of my after-work activities. After taking a long walk through Bridle Trails State Park on Saturday evening, I need a more regular walking routine.

I loved taking long walks through that park, doing over half-marathon numbers once a week. I'd grab my iPod (yes, I still have one of those) and go for a while. My playlist hasn't been updated since 2017, but there's still a good selection of post-metal on there that's great to have while walking.

The walks are great for letting the mind wander and getting rid of any anxious energy that is built up. I'm always searching for ideas, and while there are faster ways to generate more, walks usually help develop a few and are good exercise.

I will also have to leave home three hours earlier, but it shouldn't be an issue considering I've been doing it for the past couple of weeks without trouble. I'm up at 5AM during the week anyway, and I used to be a couple hours deep into my AM Merch shifts at Costco by the time I get in the car now, so I'll be fine.

I try to do my recording and riffing in the morning, so I will quit cooking breakfast (hello, breakfast bars) and use that time to write and record some lo-fi drone doom. It's a fair trade, and hopefully, I'll have something up next time.

Until next week!