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2023-05-22 (Week 2268): Slowing Down the Mind

It's been a busy week with a shift in schedule due to Amazon's policy of having their employees return to work three days a week. I leave home very early on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to miss it. I've spent those extra hours helping my parents with their yard and with my old cats (whose photo is down the page).

I also returned from Hoodsport, WA, yesterday after a weekend trip with my partner. I met with Cody (who I've brewed with before) at his new brewery, Potlatch Brewing. The beers were tasty, the space was great, and Hoodsport was a relaxing destination.

The prime goal of our trip was to go to Hama Hama and get oysters, which was an absolute success. Everything was delicious (especially the chipotle bourbon oysters), the weather was beautiful, and the experience was fantastic.

We also made it to a couple of wineries in Hoodsport. Hoodsport Winery had a wide selection of delicious fruit wines (plus a few grape ones), and Stottle Winery had some tasty white and dessert wines (some solid reds too). Both places had tasting stewards that were very friendly and conversational, which is always agreeable.

That said, I've had little time for or inclination toward introspection, which is this website's bread and butter. This week's a bit banana, too, so I'm still determining when I'll return to that.

With all this chaos, it feels like a time to rearrange. A time to sit back and breathe and wait for the chaos to settle out before creating again. Next week looks more regular, so I may attempt something then. I could write something this week before recording - a novel concept.

Until next week!