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2023-05-15 (Week 2267): 7k and Shifting Soundscapes

Thank all of you at Neocities again for your continued support! 7k and going strong.

As for my drastic need to give up music last week, I was wrong. I tried so hard to discover new and ingenious ways to create that I forgot where I came from. My need to make soundscapes is correct, but I used the wrong instrument.

I returned to an album recorded when I was a teen, recorded less than a mile from my family's house, and it helped me to regain focus. That album is by the band Earth and is called "Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version."

"Earth 2" is comparable in process to what I used to do when I first started playing guitar. I recorded heavy guitar into a cassette deck and didn't worry about accompaniment - I went ahead and riffed away. Granted, I've learned a few things about the guitar since first making cassettes 29 years ago, but my love for heavy guitar has yet to go anywhere.

Eventually, I'd like to return to doing it properly with one guitar (and pedals), amp, and microphone. Considering space constraints, I'll play into my amp simulator (with or without pedals, depending on what I'm looking for), run the signal to an old keyboard monitor, record it directly with my laptop, and do all the recording and editing through Audacity. I have a Focusrite box to more properly convert the sound to a computer, but it doesn't work with Linux. More fuzziness in the guitar drone process may add to the process.

I'm considering a separate project for this (as well as another Neocities site), but I am still deciding. I may do something like Mateus Henrique and post my project albums on my main YouTube page or do a Bandcamp page like his Black sun Void project (which I enjoy). I may also take the route I did with the Soundscapes page, but I need to record some guitar drones first.

Until next week!