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2023-04-10 (Week 2262): Clearing the Path

In returning to making soundscapes last week, I came to some pretty heavy realizations. I realized that I no longer needed music/sound the way I used to, and it's likely unnecessary for me to carry on with it.

That realization was pillar-shaking, leaving me questioning what else I could clear from my path. The "read, write, publish" mantra came to me fairly recently, which seems like the path to take.

I will tinker with soundscapes for a bit longer (two new ones are up on the Jukebox page), using aleatoric theory to create pieces. However, I know I'll grow bored of that in time (it's happened before), and then I will stop instead of trying to pivot to some other ingenious way of making music.

I may need a more extended break from music than the every-other-week one I'm giving myself, but I'll be able to assess that better when I return to making soundscapes next week. Then again, maybe everything I want to say with music has been expressed by others, and it's not my voice that I'm using when I create sound. The idea of playing penny whistle in a field and using a portable recorder to record it just came to mind, but I can't tell if that's still a good idea or an old idea resurfacing.

There may be something new waiting for me once I clear the path, but there are still a lot of old ideas and experiments to sift through and let go of. It isn't easy, for it's been overwhelming at times, and it felt like everything in life was over.

However, only that which I put a great emphasis on being part of myself was over, and I was stunned by that revelation. It felt like there was nowhere else to turn, but that's due to clinging to the old path and refusing to step onto new ones. I am stubborn by influence, but I'm working hard on letting that go.

I'm also back to working towards going full Linux and making antiX my primary operating system. It's lightning fast, there's no systemd, and the Debian-based Synaptic Package Manager makes program installation a breeze.

With music potentially fading, the transition to Linux will be much easier. Even if the penny whistle idea takes flight, I can copy files from the portable recorder to Audacity, tidy them up, and publish them.

As I've said before, I don't know what the future will hold (I'm terrible at predicting it, especially regarding myself), but I'll keep plugging away at what I'm inclined to. Doing so should clear the path and help me to make more sense of where I'm going.

Until next week!