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2023-04-03 (Week 2261): Stepping Away for Focus

I took last week off from making music to try to work on other projects and was somewhat successful. I didn't complete much because my partner's birthday was last week, and we spent a lot of time together away from home.

What I completed helped me realize that I need to step away from things more often to understand how they are a part of my life and if they need to continue being part of it.

I spent most of that work time reviewing notes I made before turning 43, and I'm still only about halfway through them. Thankfully, through some excellent tagging tips from Derek Sivers, I've kept better track of my notes and consolidated them well.

I've also realized that music was more of an emotional outlet for me when I was younger, and it's more of an intellectual pursuit these days based on exploring sound. Having less of an emotional attachment to it makes it feel less necessary to pursue. That's not to say that I'll stop, but I feel like I'll end up doing longer and more intricate drones.

I'm also not sure that I want to do a book, and it might be more of a series of essays on specific topics that I will update as desired. Rolling essays, if you will. Many things are still unfolding, and keeping on top of new ideas while sifting through old ones is hard. Again, I'll get there when I get there.

Until next week!