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2023-03-20 (Week 2259): Distinguishing Chapters

Last week was a bit strange and hard to pinpoint. There was a celebration for departing co-workers/friends, a gathering of old friends to celebrate our shared camaraderie around classic video games, completion of a style of drone and embarking into a new one, a new product release at work that will take us in a somewhat different direction, lots of brain dumping of new ideas, and listening to favorite albums that land in different ways mere weeks after hearing them.

The most distinct thing is that I finally figured out what all these short phrases that keep popping into my head are for - they're chapter titles for the book I want to write. The fun part is that I have hundreds of these, so I have to decipher which ones are the most relevant or important to share. The plan is to find these titles, then elaborate on them with the chapters through ideas and personal experience.

There are two terms used to describe writing methods - plotting and pantsing. I am 100% a pantser because I'm putting things together as I develop them. It feels like things are unfolding faster now that parts of the process are coming together, but I'm still far from where I want to be.

Regarding the drones, I've given up half of my tools and am sticking with Reason 3 for sound creation and Goldwave for sound editing. I like that I've dropped my file amount from 7 files per track to 2 (not counting the .mp3 and the .ogg for the jukebox). 2 is the lowest I can go - one Reason file for creation, one .wav file for output.

I'm also learning how to make analog and graintable synth patches in Reason, and while I do, I'm leaning on the Ambient Space I refill for Reason by Nucleus Soundlabs. It's full of slow-moving, long, and interesting drone sounds. 0011 and 0012 on the Jukebox page are my first experiments with these patches, and I picked up a few more refill packs from Nucleus Soundlabs to tinker with.

My gaming experience with friends this weekend showed me that I still enjoy gaming (10 hours flew by like nothing), but I don't need to be a collector anymore. That jibes with wanting to downsize things, although I still want to acquire more old laptops (for some reason). I will also dig into that more as the weeks pass.

Part of the fun for me is taking old laptops and then beefing them up with extra RAM, bigger hard drives, and peripherals (USB hubs, additional fans, etc.), but that requires x86_64 architecture, which generally comes with AMD/Intel backdoors. I'm not fond of that on principle.

Anyway, the rambling is excessive this week, so I'll call it for now and see if I can develop something more cohesive next time.

Until next week!