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2023-03-13 (Week 2258): Finding My Lane

As the weeks pass, I'm carving away enough of the excess that a clearer picture of where I'm going is forming. The most significant aid to this process is starting to go through my file archives.

I've meant to go through my archives for a while now, but it seemed daunting. I didn't know where to start, so I started alphabetically. In the very first folder, I found lots of synth patches in Reason for my Amaranthine project, as well as a new song titled "Resurrection" that I made for the project in 2017, 11 years after releasing the "Mindtrap" album (Bandcamp | Spotify).

I also found a few spreadsheets listing patches to use, so I thought about skipping Audiobulb Ambient altogether and making 15-minute tracks in G Major that are a cross between the soundscapes I've made over the past few weeks (there are two more on the Jukebox page this week) and tracks in the style of Mindtrap.

I plan to do one more drone/soundscape with Audiobulb Ambient (to make it an even 10), and then I'll cut it out of the process and make manual digital tracks in Reason. I've leaned heavily on Audiobulb Ambient for the past six years, and it feels like time to let it go.

It also feels like I'm heading towards music that resembles こ​の​過​去​の​未​来 by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者. It's also one step closer to using analog synths and a drum machine, where I feel like I'm heading, but I know I'm terrible at predicting these things (though I still try).

Going alphabetically through my archives will help me finish many of my projects. I'm looking to downsize my file bloat to below 512 GB, as it's currently sitting at ~680 GB. If I can get it down below 512, I can fit it all on a flash drive for backup. I have multiple backups in multiple places, but having a more portable full backup would be nice.

I'll have to convert my old WAV files to FLAC, but I don't see myself trying to work with those files anymore, so I might as well save some space. I might also change my mind about working with those files again when I get to them, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Until next week!