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2023-02-27 (Week 2256): Beyond the Ice Wall

After releasing "Frozen in Time" (Bandcamp | Spotify), "Gifts of Faith," and "In Remembrance" on Friday, it feels like I've cleared a lot off of my plate and can focus more on cleaning up old data and working on what's next.

My creativity was in stasis for almost two years after finishing "Links to the Past," which was frustrating. I've written about the last nine months of that here, which documented attempts at a bunch of different things and none of it sticking until "Frozen in Time," then the floodgates burst.

Now it feels like time to go back through my archives, convert all my old .wav files to .flac, upload any missing albums to Bandcamp (there are more than a few), and archive them for posterity. I've already consolidated a good chunk of my notes until I turned 43 (everything after is by week), so it's time to continue reducing those and try to piece something together.

Putting together a book feels like my big project for this year. I've carried all these notes and things forward over the years, and it's time to make some sense of them. I'm unsure how valid it will be when I finish it or when I'm 45 or in my 50s. However, life feels like a rolling build, and a book would be a good checkpoint.

That's not to say the drones will stop, as I've added another two to the playlist and given the pieces some fractal icons to represent them. At this point, it feels like the 15 minutes are my canvas, G Major is my paintbrush, and the tonal colors and rhythmic frequencies I choose to use are what create the piece. I'll likely add drums and live instrumentation as time goes on, so it will call back more to my Philistine on the Sidewalk project (which was my interpretation of Bull of Heaven).

This approach feels right, and I'm calm approaching things this way, so I will continue to do things this way, simplify, and move forward.

Until next week!