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2023-02-20 (Week 2255): Deluge of Sound

This last week was one of going through old ideas, creating new drones (which are on the new Jukebox page), and finding even more albums in the archives to release this Friday, along with "Frozen in Time" and "Gifts of Faith."

I'm going through old ideas chronologically, starting with everything I've carried forward for my first 42 years and going through the weeks in my 43rd. I'm still sifting through the tens (potentially hundreds) of thousands of words of notes I've made/collected over that time, but things are coming together.

It's been easier to go through these notes while listening to the three drones I made last week, which I plan to continue creating and developing further as time goes on. They may be more structured as I continue making them, but we'll see where whimsy takes me. With three leading zeros on these tracks, I plan to do them for a while. I always plan it that way, and it tends to fall through, but I hope to at least make it to 10.

The drones pull influence from Bull of Heaven, a music project I've followed for many years, and I had the opportunity to chat with Clayton Counts (RIP) from the project a few times. That correspondence was on an old message board I ran for this site many years ago (15 or so), and I wonder if I have our conversations somewhere. I may.

As I copied over the drones to my phone so I could listen to them at work, I found the ambient demos for "In Reflection," which I created about 15 weeks ago. I downloaded them back to my computer, will put some finishing touches on them, and then upload them to Bandcamp with the title "In Remembrance." The photo I'm using for the album cover is from the same field trip to a limestone quarry outside of Concrete, WA, where the "Oblivion" album cover came from, bringing things full circle (somewhat).

As for what all this is leading to, I want to put all of these notes and ideas of what I've learned into a book. It will be a bit of a rolling build with refinement over the years, but that feels like progressing as a human being. Like Dr. Dyer was able to refine 37 life lessons down to 4 over his 75 years, or Musashi shared the wisdom of the Dokkōdō a week before his death, I want to bring whatever I can to the table.

I have many stories I can tell (and have told) while sitting at the bar, but why do those stories have significance? What makes them memorable? What are the lessons to learn? What can I share to help others? These are questions to answer to help move along the process. I'll get there eventually.

Until next week!