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2023-01-30 (Week 2252): Leaving Past Works Behind

It's been a busy week, and while I'm still on the Windows 10 laptop, I've got the Linux laptop up and running. I also managed to find out it was easy to install new programs with the Package Installer, and it was also easy to break the audio as well. It's a little frustrating, but I'll only be new at this once, so I might as well get it out of the way now.

That said, I may go back to an older laptop on which I have Windows XP installed and use ModPlug 1.09. I also may return to SNES samples as I used in tracks like Aerosaga since I still have all my old SNES samples kicking around and can extract more with the spc2it program if desired. My XP laptop is 32-bit, so it works out.

Of course, I didn't lead with the big story! "Frozen in Time" is coming out on February 24th on Bandcamp and all the major streaming platforms. It's my reaction to all the problems of the last few years - two 28-minute blizzard drones.

As for "Gifts of Faith," I'm tinkering with various audio effects to see how I want the album to sound, but I should be able to drop it on Bandcamp on February 24th. I may leave it as how it was, even though the bass frequencies are way too excessive. Perhaps a proper bandpass of those at a low frequency (sub-32Hz) would be appropriate.

After that comes the re-release of all the albums that haven't made it to the Bandcamp page (about 20 or so), and then I do a music player on this site for my upcoming ModPlug explorations. I might get the desire to put out albums again in the future, but I'm not going to worry about it for the time being. As can be witnessed throughout these weekly blogs, I put too much pressure on myself to create, and the penultimate result is two long blizzard drones. Such is life.

Until next week!