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2023-01-23 (Week 2251): Turning Points

I'm still on my Windows laptop for this entry, but upcoming ones will likely come from a Linux one - not that you'll notice the difference! I got caught up in music exploration last week, but after I finish this entry, I'm switching to the Linux laptop and will start setting it up further.

As for last week's music exploration, I dug deeper into tinkering with an old chime sample and also building a slow and heavy preset with drums, piano, and synth. That has been a bit diverted now since I've also taken the last week to go through the t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 discography and found this absolute banger: All For You. I want to do music in this style too, so we'll see where things end up.

I still need to put the finishing touches on "Frozen in Time," and I'm going to release another unfinished EP that's kicked around my computers since 2014 or so at the same time. It's titled "Gifts of Faith," and it was my attempt at OG vaporwave, but it didn't hit the mark. "Frozen in Time" will hit Bandcamp and all the streaming sites, whereas "Gifts of Faith" will be Bandcamp-only. I'm aiming for a late February/early March release for both. After that, everything's coming here.

The web player (and this website) will be my coding project. I'm also going to start fresh and find tools in Linux that I can use to create music. Using a virtual box to install old programs is still tempting, but again, it's hanging on to the past and trying to mine something empty. I'll bring some old ideas and samples from the Windows laptop, but most of them will be left behind. It's hard to do, but I also know it's for the best.

Some new information recently brought some new things to light, which may also change my trajectory. I know I can't stay put and have to keep moving.

Until next week!