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2023-01-09 (Week 2249): Slowing Down and Breathing

Last week was a time to sit with and figure out my approach from now on. I didn't have a ton figured out until I took time to do a 15-minute meditation on Friday. I'm still sifting through things, but I've got a few things figured out.

A big one that affects this blog is that I do better summarizing than forecasting, and I see when I've said I'm going to do something the next week, and then I go a completely different direction.

It comes down to the fact that I can't force myself to do anything unless under duress, as whimsy is my muse. My interest lies in what happens when I do something, like when I automate and randomize specific notes or sounds.

That said, the album with two half-hour pieces will soon come out under my name. I'm still sitting with it and adjusting some things, but I imagine I'll release it before spring.

I also realize that hiding behind an art project is unnecessary. If I want to use either a fractal or a photo for artwork, I can. I need to serve the sound; if the artwork fits, I'll go with it.

I've also realized how much project bloat and indecision has followed me through the past 42 years, so I'm trying to keep all current year (43) things in one folder. It requires sifting through all the old stuff to archive what is no longer helpful and bring forward what is, which will take a while, even if I work on it full boar (which I likely won't).

I need to make a schedule for all this or write it down. Whimsy may be my muse, but if I have a list of things I want to do, I have no problem picking one and working with it.

I have other things I'm ready to do, so I will.

Until next week!