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2023-01-02 (Week 2248): New Year, New Roads

A new year tends to find me a bit out of sorts. I have 52 weeks to work with, so I can design where I want to be by the time 2024 starts. That is where the indecision arrives.

It's feeling like the follow-up to "From Darkness Comes Creation" is coming together, which is the second project I spoke of last week.

I revisited works from "Links to the Past" after a recent YouTube comment, and ideas are forming on updating that material. I also have those 100+ demos to sift through to create an album.

I'm realizing that remastering material from 25 years ago and creating a compilation of the best material from before is highly unnecessary. I still plan to put the album from 25 years ago on my Bandcamp page, but I'm not there yet.

I've got some Linux builds I want to explore, so I can learn how to use that type of OS better. I'm tired of Windows and all the telemetry, so I'm looking for new options. I still need it for music until I figure out how to make WINE work, but I'll get there. There are also some music programs that I have links for in Linux that I want to explore.

I want to add more to this site than just the blog. I've got design ideas that refer back to previous versions of this website and my interests over the years, so I'd like to get that going.

There are old games I want to finish and revisit and perhaps get back to writing about my thoughts on them for this website. I know everyone does videos these days, but I like going back to basics.

I also have some fitness & financial goals I want to work towards, so again, this is going to be a year with a lot going on. The previous paragraphs look like my usual list of things to do every year, so the onus is on me to get done what I want to do.

Until next week!