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2022-12-26 (Week 2247): Clarity Through Creation

Last week was busy sifting through a lot of old material, and two distinct projects were the result.

The first is continuing to create under my name, gathering all the applicable demos I've made over the years and massaging them into an album. I have over 100 short demos written, so there's a fair bit of material at my disposal. I'm also sure more new material will appear to bolster the proceedings.

I might have one more album in me, meaning the album will either be "End of the Road" or, if I feel like I have more left to write, "Leaving the Path Behind." It's a bit of a pun on the album art I plan to use, but I have never been one to shy away from puns (obviously).

The second project uses my interests in just intonation, abstract ambient music, fractals, and regularly releasing new material. It also returns to how I used to put music online over 20 years ago and gives a shoutout to an old favorite in Bull of Heaven (RIP Clayton).

I plan to start the project in early 2023 and release a new track every two weeks once I start the project. I've got a few pieces nearing completion and a few pieces of fractal artwork ready to go, so I only have to figure out the rest of the production effects before I'm ready to get this going. I might release albums in the usual places once I get enough tracks released, but I'm still on the fence about that, and I have some time to figure things out.

Until next week!