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2022-12-05 (Week 2244): 4k and New Journeys Await

Again, I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support at Neocities! The journey has been exciting, and while output has been sporadic, things are coming together.

Many of the ideas I've had over the past 30+ weeks are starting to merge into a new project. I'm still planning "In Reflection" and going through old material, but it's turning into something piano-based with song structures. I'm building on the idea of "Oblivion" and developing it further.

The new project is more focused on art and having a particular vibe, which I've tried to do for quite some time, but hemmed and hawed too much about it. It uses many of the techniques I've explored over the past years (starting with "Times Change"), as well as many of the methods I've shared on this blog.

It also follows the idea of doing quarterly EPs, but I'm not sticking to a schedule, and I'm doing 4-song EPs for the project indefinitely and seeing where things go. If I find a process I like well enough, I may go with a more extended release, but I figure that starting with 4-song EPs while I hone the creative process for the project is an excellent way to start.

Speaking of which, I have the foundations for the four tracks of the first EP and am starting to develop them similarly to how I was developing the previous version of "In Reflection."

As for the remastering project, I finally finished listening to the 1996 recordings and found an album I like. It's not good in the slightest, but the vibe is, and it's a recording of a friend and I doing death 'n' roll with vocals, guitar, and drums. It may not be an accurate portrait of those times, but it captured a moment in time that is worth remembering.

I still have two more years until I reach "Burned," so it probably will take me until early next year to get through everything. I will figure out how I want to proceed and then take action. I'll likely want to dive head-first into this new project EP, but we'll see if I can temper that desire and continue working on the remasters at night. I am nothing if not impulsive with creativity.

Until next week!