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2022-11-21 (Week 2242): Off the Road

This blog's title is a little more literal, as the alternator on my car crapped out on Saturday, and it's in the shop. I'm hopeful the repair team can fix it ASAP because I've got a job to get to and parents to visit on Thursday (Thanksgiving).

As for the music progress, I've got my kicks and snares done, and I'm rendering toms right now. I still need to do hats, rides, cymbals, percussion, and glitches, so there's still a ways to go. This week, I will keep going with the drum samples, especially since I have most of today to progress.

Once I finish the sample creation, I will start on an album that will be a precursor to "In Reflection." I've realized that "In Reflection" won't be done until I get through all the archives and remasters. Considering I'm still in 1996 and haven't released any of the 50+ remastered albums yet, that will take a long while.

The next album is "Amidst the Remnants," where I feel like I am. Digging through all these samples and notes of a life once lived and being on the other side. Not death per se, but realizing those times are gone and cannot return.

Whereas "In Reflection" is likely to be massive, "Amidst the Remnants" will be more stripped down. I have an idea for the sound (similar to "Shattered Memories" with beats), and I'm hopeful I can get started working on the album in the next week or two.

I have ideas for a couple of other albums too, but one is silly and abstract, and the other is the follow-up to "In Reflection," so putting energy into either of those right now seems unnecessary.

I'm also discovering the band Low, who never crossed my radar until I heard about Mimi Parker's passing a couple of weeks ago. I'm getting ideas for future creativity through listening to albums in their oeuvre. They inspired Steve Von Till from Neurosis (which is how I heard about Mimi Parker), and I noticed their influence on his output. It may be a few years before I get to where this influence shows up in my work, but it's making an impact that will likely affect my creative process.

Until next week!