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2022-11-14 (Week 2241): Between the Lanes

After taking a week away from working on "In Reflection" and focusing on arranging my notes from past years, I realize that I have even more work to do on this project than I previously thought.

I'm not sure how much work I have to do before I finish the album, but it feels like the finish line comes after I go through all of my old musical work to see where I stand. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

I'm still getting antsy about not being able to release new music now that my processes are coming together, and I am ready to release something, so I'm considering a stopgap release (or multiple) before "In Reflection" is complete.

The issue is when I make time for it in the schedule. These weekday mornings are for collating drum samples for "In Reflection," and I'm likely going back to working on my notes next week in the morning. I made substantial progress organizing and collating them last week, but I barely scratched the surface. Maybe the week after that, I can start on the stopgap.

I'm also considering taking a particular day of the week to clean up old notes - perhaps on Mondays after I finish this web post since I'm already working with words anyway. That way, I don't have to take a whole week away from music - something to consider.

As for the evenings, I'm deep in the middle of 1996. It's a year with many long tapes, so I will probably need this week and some of the following to get through that year. At this rate, I hope I can get the remasters of "The Early Years (1994-1998)" and "Burned" out by the end of this year, but I can't be sure.

In any event, I've got a long way to go through my old work. I'm also writing thousands of words of notes every week, which also adds more backlog. I'm my own worst enemy! That's alright; it'll all come together eventually. It's a matter of working with all the puzzle pieces until the picture unfolds.

Until next week!