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2022-10-24 (Week 2238): Driving Down Memory Lane

I've made it through the earliest stretches (1979-1994) of my drive down memory lane, which entails listening to cassette tapes I made as a child/teenager and gleaning what information I can from them.

It feels like I used metal, horror novels, and horror movies as a cloak to give me an identity and shield me from many of life's realities because I was afraid and insecure. I was also relatively sheltered, so I seemed immature even compared to my other 14-year-old friends.

I also should have put more energy into the piano than I did into the guitar because my guitar work as a 14-year-old is very unsure. Though my piano work at that time was simple, it was much more steady. It's likely due to taking a year of piano lessons a few years prior.

It's also leading to releasing another collection at the same time the remaster of "Burned" comes out. I'm leaning towards calling it "The Early Years (1994-1998)" or "The Cassette Years (1994-1998)" and doing a remaster similar to what I did with "Burned." I might also tack them on to "Burned" as bonus tracks, but we'll see.

As far as new material goes, the process is coming together. I start with atmospheres, add piano parts in the bass and treble clef on top of that, add drums on top of that, then the last layer will be guitar arpeggios that support the piano parts. It's a four-part process, and I have folders for each stage of the song creation process.

I'm not sure when I will get to creating new material again since I'm diving deep into going back through my old material, but I'm sure the desire to tinker with new material will arise now and then. I have a lot of work to do setting up samples and presets, so I need to schedule my time more efficiently.

I need to get back to it, so hopefully, I'll have some interesting findings (and newly-remastered material) soon.

Until next week!