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2022-10-17 (Week 2237): Bridging the Gap

I've had some time to dig back through the past few years of my musical ideas, and I realize the quarterly EPs are the wrong approach. I have a lot more internal work to do before I'm ready to put out a new release.

I must go through all of my old music and written material to see what of my work will "bridge the gap." The "gap" was the era of COVID, so now that said era is more-or-less over, I need to see where I stand.

I also have to remaster and rework what music and writing I can to help decide whether or not to leave it on the other side of the metaphorical bridge or bring it across with me. I have ideas for where I'm heading and structural concepts for the album, but I'm not entirely sure where I will end up.

There's underlying anxiety about needing to release new material. That anxiety has built for the past year and a half since finishing the "Links to the Past" demos.

Rather than feeding it, I need to address its reason and see if I can expel it through this process. It feels like it serves no purpose other than to drive me crazy, and it causes resentment from those around me because I withdraw my attention and focus on my art.

That said, I realize I can't carry all of my past with me, so I have to bring along the parts that work for me and leave behind the parts that don't. An existential purge, if you will - perhaps this is my midlife crisis.

As I said earlier, I feel like I know the direction I'm heading, but I will find out once I get there.

Until next week!