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2022-10-10 (Week 2236): New Exits Appear

I'm on week three of the "Fall 2022" EP, and I've got a lot of material to put together. In the first two weeks, I wrote 12 guitar parts and 12 keyboard parts, so now I'm starting to assemble four pieces out of these 24 parts.

I also realized what I was doing wrong with the "Purging Darkness" album, and I have a side album series planned called "Shadowscapes" with the subtitle "Down the Rabbit Hole." It will sound more like the "Purging Darkness" demos but with more ambient/noise and less drone/noise.

Also, in going through old demos, I found a demo from a just intonation-focused side project that resulted in two similar pieces using a five-tone just intonation scale. I'm keeping the melodic samples and scale and will attempt to create an album with a similar sound. The working title for that side album series is "What Is Just" because I'm not afraid to lean into bad dad puns.

That said, I won't tinker with those two projects (much) until I can mostly complete the "Fall 2022" EP. I'm developing a schedule as I go along, and here's what I've got so far:

Week 1 - guitar demos.
Week 2 - keyboard demos.
Week 3 - combine demos into four pieces/assemble essential drum tracks (we are here).
Weeks 4-7 - mostly complete Tracks 1-4.

Beyond that, it's a bit nebulous. I've got a few weeks to figure out how to finalize things and how the release will work, but I'm working on setting up a process to make this a regular EP cycle. Part of me wants to go through all the old demos and material before I get to this point, but I know it will take me a few EP cycles (at least) to do so. That said, I'm not going to worry. I'll keep moving forward and get there when I get there.

The EP itself feels like a return to "Burned," which I hope to re-release the remaster of around the same time as "Fall 2022." I still have over 50 demo tapes from 1994-1998 to sift through and attempt to glean insight from so I can better understand how I got to "Burned," so that will take a minute.

Until next week!