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2022-09-12 (Week 2232): Looking Back to Drive Forward

A lot has happened in the past week. I started working on the new material in the morning while working on the old material at night.

While working on the old material, I realized that the old feelings in those pieces are still sitting with me, and I haven't adequately forgiven myself for feeling those ways. I went through all my old work a couple of years ago, and there was much mocking and ridicule. Now, there is letting go and forgiveness.

I realize that the pieces I'm working on now are the process of letting go and forgiveness, so the album name has changed again. The current album's title is "Purging Darkness," and the album after that is "Walking Away."

"Purging Darkness" will consist of the five noise tracks I had made for "As the Noise Builds" but split into 15 tracks. Each of the "As the Noise Builds" tracks were three parts, so I broke those down into individual components. Three-minute pieces are a little easier to digest than nine-minute ones.

As for the names of those tracks, that's where going through my old albums comes into play. I'm taking the emotions I feel and remember feeling when I made those pieces and using those as song titles. Song titles like "Betrayal" and "Isolation" will be on the album.

I will make drum tracks to go along with each of those titles. There will likely be more than 15 drum tracks, so I'll use the 15 best/most relevant ones, and unused ones may get reworked for "Walking Away."

Speaking of "Walking Away," it's also a conceptual album, with all the titles reflecting the things from which I'm walking away. Whether walking away from pigeonholing myself to one genre per album or letting go of things I can't control, it will also be an album of letting go and forgiveness. It will mostly contain new material, but it may also have reworkings of old material (released or not).

Part of me also thinks I may end up with a remix album from going through all these old pieces and remastering them, but I'm not far enough into the process to say. I have some ideas for a remix of "Escape from In(s)anity," but that's still a few remastered albums down the road.

So, I've got my plate filled for the next couple of years (at least). That's cool. I like keeping busy.

Until next week!