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2022-09-05 (Week 2231): Divergent Paths

I took off last week to give myself a breather from all my work on "As the Noise Builds." I also went to the Oregon Coast with my life partner so we could get away and enjoy ourselves.

The trip revealed some things to me, but the biggest one was that I was pigeonholing myself too much by trying to make an album sound like one thing or one style.

I want to write with guitar, bass, piano, pennywhistle, or whatever my heart desires, but I don't want to limit myself to abstract samples. I will still work with them and make weird ambient/noise music because that's part of what I want to create, but it's not the only thing.

I need to do all these different things to figure out how to get them to work together, which seems like what Devin Townsend has done with his career. His new track "Moonpeople," coming out the day before I left on vacation, planted the seed for the idea.

Granted, it's not a new idea for me because that's what my Natthimmel album from 2003 was - a collection of all the different styles I was interested in at the time. Next year will be 20 years since I released "The Great Beyond," and when I get done with "As the Noise Builds" (if that even stays the album's name), that will be the approach I take. First things first, I need to finish my current project.

Then there's the flip side of needing to clean up what was, so I'm going to overhaul my Bandcamp page, remaster everything, and re-release some rarities and oldies. It'll allow me to handle the mastering process better, especially since I have 49 releases to work with ("As the Noise Builds" is #50).

I also want to get this page more streamlined, with foci on more than just a blog. Album releases and remasters, proper discography, playlists, retro game projects, and this page as a launchpad to other sites or deeper pages. I'll get there when I get there.

Until next week!