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2022-08-22 (Week 2229): Almost to a New Destination

I'm about six hours from completing all the sample editing I need to do for "As the Noise Builds" - at least the initial samples. That's my focus right now, so I'm going to keep this short.

The only musical progress I've had this week is that I want to figure out how to incorporate my battery of samples with heavy guitar, inspired by Godflesh's "Post Self" album. I've recently listened to it in my car multiple times, making me want to riff away again.

The album I want to do with a guitar is at least three down the road, so I'm waiting a couple of years on that one.

I'll also take a week off to rest my ears from all these samples once I complete them, so I'll be quiet next week. I'll be back in week 2231 (my teeth are getting long) with some progress.

Until then!