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2022-08-08 (Week 2227): Up Winding Hills

In creating anew, I go through old ideas to see what still resonates, and I ran across this gem: "The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between."

That comes from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and while I don't listen to much of his music, I find it agreeable when I do. Some of my interest in using aleatoric elements in music comes from Mozart's musical dice game.

It led me to realize the way that I'm working is too constricted. So, I've added 20-second intervals of silence after each 2-minute and 40-second buildup. I'd post a sample, but I haven't added any delay or reverb to the tracks yet, so it'd be a wall of sound and then random stops. Yawn.

That also led to the realization that if I keep things with the same amount of layering in each of the three parts per track, it will also end up falling flat.

So, I'm layering double and triple the number of sounds for each piece's 2nd and 3rd parts. That will require combining the samples from the 1st part of each piece for the 2nd part and the 1st and 2nd parts for the 3rd part.

I'm going to change the octaves of the samples to keep things exciting, and I'm planning to add drums increasing in velocity using the automatic drum preset I created some weeks ago.

These plans likely sound like madness, but they will make sense once I get further along. I can also tell after this madness, I'll probably make an album sans drums and with sparse notes, something akin to Morton Feldman's work.

I had a plan to finish this album before the end of August, but with the extra layering involved, I think it'll be sometime early in the fall.

I want to be as productive as I was during the 2017-2021 stretch of eight ambient albums and fifty video game covers. Perhaps this slowdown and retooling is a necessary development in my musical process and stage of life growth, so I guess this is growing up.

Until next week!