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2022-07-25 (Week 2225): Driving Faster Than Sight

After more tinkering with the sounds I've developed recently, I hit a wall. I'm happy with the place I got to, but I was clueless about how to go further.

So, I changed lanes at a breakneck speed.

I took the 60 synth samples I created recently, let them play out in various octaves, and now I'm randomly piecing together noise tracks with the results.

I'm digging where it's going.

I have a plan for a six-track noise album with the tracks around 8+ minutes a piece, comprised of the samples that I created.

Taking that detour gives me a better idea of how to proceed with the first demo, but it's also an entirely separate project.

Instead of creating new project names, I'm going to do album series like Volume 1, Volume 2, etc.

I tried to do that with the Days Gone By, Volume 1 album, but there never was a Volume 2.

I'm okay with only one volume of that because there may only be one volume of other planned series - that means that the sound I sculpted ran its course with the first installment.

I don't imagine a second installment will happen with Days Gone By because I am no longer interested in reinterpreting old material. It feels like cover material since I'm no longer the person I was when I wrote those songs.

It also makes me wonder if songs have a certain shelf-life for the artists that create them, and to continue to revisit them can only be detrimental for the artist.

I know we as listeners want to hear the songs we love from years and years prior, but I guess that's why we pay the artists to perform them and why it is considered work.

To return to the original topic, I'm going to create an album series instead of doing new projects - it seems more straightforward and still accessible for the listener to differentiate between the varying sounds of each album series - the path of least resistance.

That said, my creative whimsy can be highly erratic but takes me where I need to be (even if I don't appreciate it at the time).

Until next week!