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2022-07-11 (Week 2223): Dubbing the Engine

My anchor is changing, mainly because I forgot the actual anchor, which is bass. The previous anchor was bass-heavy, but it was a massive low-end blur.

Anyway, I came up with a dub-like bass tone, added my field recording samples to it, and something is starting to form.

A lot of this came about by listening to "Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove" by Killing Joke again after Absolute Dissent was released on Spotify a couple of weeks ago (it was originally released in 2010).

This sound came about after canning at work on Thursday. My coworker had put on some early 90s rap, and all I could hear while we were canning was bass, hi-hat, and industrial machinery. Many of the field recording samples I have come from industrial machinery, so off I went.

I want to make dub bass presets for all my previous tracks that are applicable (and some old demos if I can find them), but I also need to make some new basslines for whatever the next album will be. I haven't given up on calling it "The Long Road Here," but I also think that could be the name for this blog.

I've developed a new project that this music would fit under, but I'm not pulling the trigger until I get my samples squared away. I've got the first round of drum samples figured out, and I'm sifting through my machinery synths, so I'll see where I stand once I get more writing done.

I want to dig my bass guitar out and start composing, but time will tell. I'm not there yet. Hopefully soon.

Until next week!