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2022-07-04 (Week 2222): Key in the Ignition

Finally, something is starting to happen. I still have questions about where to go, but at least I have my anchor set.

The anchor uses the method of drum experiments I've posted demos of, which I've detuned, distorted, and turned into a wall of chaos.

I'm also working with a windchime sample in the higher frequencies, the same one I used for my "Everything in Chime" project that I tinkered with and put away in an earlier iteration of this website. I may unzip the work I did for that project again for more insight.

I feel the sample fits into the wall of noise, but I need to layer it with at least another sample in a similar frequency range. I'm thinking of a pennywhistle or a keyboard sample from some of my older works. There's a piece I'm thinking of titled "Pico Gets His Groove On in Port Town," which is a cover of the Port Town music from F-Zero for the SNES that fits the bill remarkably well.

I could also use some of the metal drum samples I recorded from this time (2005) in the current material because I think they would fit well with the proceedings.

I'm not quite to where I want to go yet, but with the noisewall anchor to work with, I have some sort of direction. I'm finding myself digging on a couple of tracks from an old favorite album lately, so that might be the direction I head.

I've visited this territory before with the title track from the "Dragons of Putrescence" album under my Cyanidic Rapture project from 2008, but I think I can do it more justice now with another 14 years under my belt.

I wonder if my musical directions over the years are a pastiche of everything I've listened to or an homage to which ones I'm connecting with the most at the time I make the albums. It's hard to say without more internal digging.

Until next week!