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2022-05-09 (Week 2214): Building the Engine

Since starting to develop "The Long Road Here," my process for composing pieces changed at least three or four times, so it's more like "building and re-building the engine."

When I started this album project, the first track was "Surveying the Map." I made three demos of two tracks each - all of which have the same background track.

They all have a feel of pieces I've created before - they remind me the most of the Altered Sun era.

I've continued with similar sound samples, but instead of running the drums and keys/vibraphone through Audiobulb Ambient, I've left them unaltered.

The tom samples are randomized to create that moving and tribal feel that I love in tracks like Sepultura's "Territory" or Neurosis's "Through Silver in Blood" (or "Cleanse" if you want to go into a deep cut).

I added distortion to the 9-tone chords to emulate the heavy guitars I plan to record in their stead (or in addition to - I haven't decided yet).

I want to combine most of the things I have a musical interest in with this album. Things like aleatoric/generative music, 9-tone scales, and the use of Audiobulb Ambient to create abstract sound tapestries. I also want slow and heavy metal guitars, guitar arpeggios, and sampling. It would be nice to get just intonation in there, but I don't think it's feasible for this album. Perhaps for the next one.

Until next week!