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2022-05-02 (Week 2213): Prologue

The last couple of years were somewhat chaotic for one big reason and many smaller ones. During this time, my creative output felt very scattered.

I completed my Links to the Past project at the end of April last year, but even that began to feel uninspired and like I was only trying to get to fifty pieces.

My original goal was to complete one piece a week for a year, and including the Shattered Memories album, I managed that goal and kept going for an extra ten weeks.

Since finishing that string of pieces, I haven't had any cohesive ideas until a little over a month ago.

After diving deep into the Devin Townsend Podcast and listening to most of the episodes multiple times to glean information, I began to carry a pocket-sized notebook around with me to jot down creative ideas.

It took a couple of months for cohesive ideas to form, but they came flooding in once they started. I have the title locked in (see above), the artwork is in a good place, and I'm nearing completion on how exactly I want to approach this album.

I haven't fully decided whether it will be ambient with drums or more structured. Considering what Shattered Memories comprises, it will likely be the former.

I also want to give the ambient pieces more structure, so it will likely be more loop-based. It might be somewhat akin to my "Forgotten Industry" track from late 2016 but more abstract. I won't know until I get further into the creative process.

In any event, I plan to write an update every Monday to talk about the process of "The Long Road Here" or things that happened on the long road here (thus the title). I'm still trying to figure out my weekly schedule after going from two part-time jobs to one full-time job, but I've settled on Monday updates.

Until next week!