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Back to Work

I just got back from a long weekend in Portland (which is well documented on my Instagram page) and after taking it easy today, I’m ready to get back to work. It’s taking a minute because I turned off my work brain while I was gone, but now it’s booting back up and I’m ready to get after all my projects again.

The most urgent project on that list is that I’ve got to figure out how to work on everything that’s on my list. That starts with writing all of it down - whether it be working on certain aspects of music, spending time on specific social media channels, or just sifting through e-mails. Every part has to be specific and then I’ve got to work on it.

Once I get the list of all my tasks created, the best way for me to work on it will be to pick a certain amount of time to work, then spend that amount of time working on a specific project. If there’s a logical progression to the projects I need to work on, I will embark upon that - otherwise, I’m inclined to leave it up to chance by numbering each of the tasks, generating a random number, and working on the project that corresponds with the generated number. I’m not trying to make things too complicated for myself or anything!

All I know is that I’ve got a bunch of projects in the wings that may not be rolled out as fast I want them to be, but as long as I stick to this plan, I’ll get them completed eventually. Slow progress is still progress!

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