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I’m writing this at my folks’ place after doing some yardwork for them that I didn’t get done yesterday. This is very familiar to me, as I used to get up at 3:30 AM, sit at the same desk I’m at now, and write blogs for this site many years ago.

I’m tempted to put those blogs up in the archives, but I’m also not going to because my voice wasn’t as authentic as it is now. I was trying hard to present myself as someone more with it than I was, because I had one big part of me that I hid - that being that I didn’t move out of this house until a year and a half ago.

Seeing that I’m 39 1/2 now, moving out just after turning 38 makes me a super late bloomer. The reasons/excuses for not doing so are vast and plentiful, but I think the most valid one was that I was very comfortable. Expenses were low, I get along well with my parents, my cats are here, most of my stuff is still here (though I’m slowly whittling it down), and I had a lot more time to experiment and create.

That said, it was playing life on easy mode. It’s not that much more difficult now, but there is more to juggle. I do feel like I’m coasting a bit and I’m on the lookout for a bigger challenge. What that is, I’m unsure of, but I’m sure I will find it when it is ready to be found.

My ideal would be to create a more balanced income through my different pursuits rather than have brewing be the vast majority of my income, but I have yet to figure out how to get there. I have ideas and am working on a few of them, but none are really landing yet. It feels like I’m in a hurry to get there, but in reality, it’s likely that I still have plenty of time.

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