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A Weekend of Rest

After many consecutive weekends of running around here, there, and everywhere, I finally get to stop and take a break this weekend. My Saturday and Sunday schedules are totally open, so I’m taking this time to just rest and work on projects.

I have a paper list of projects sitting in front of me that I plan to work on over the course of the weekend. I’ve mostly worked on my investment spreadsheet so far, which keeps getting new dynamics and refinements as I go along. That tracks, because my current music process has undergone (and still undergoes to small degrees) that same sort of evolution.

In fact, many of my bigger projects as of late have followed a similar trajectory. They start with collating a large selection of data (or files), refining the data through various tweaks in goals or processes, deleting what is no longer useful, and eventually designing a plan I can act upon.

Various ways to adjust these plans come to me in random places and I write them down on my phone so I can incorporate them. That has also led to having large lists of notes that I need to sift through more regularly so I can remember all of these ideas.

I’m going to approach those lists at some point this weekend, but I’m kind of gung-ho about the investment list right now - I’m only taking a break to write this post and stay on my regular Tuesday & Saturday posting schedule.

Having days to regularly schedule things is more useful for me to get them done, and though I’ve said in past entries that I won’t promote my process, I’m certainly happy to share it! I’ve gleaned many things about my own process by listening to other people talk about theirs.

Alright! Back to my irregularly scheduled not going anywhere.

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