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Lean Into It

I deep dove into my thoughts on Friday the 11th and a phrase that kept coming up over and over again was "lean into it". The idea to lean into it was often preceded by the phrase "make a decision". To "make a decision and lean into it" is akin to something Bill Hicks said which I have taken into my own philosophy - "buy the ticket, take the ride".

Upon self-reflection, I realize I've become really bad at making decisions and leaning into things, because I'm failing to get larger projects accomplished. I'm doing the bi-weekly blogs, I'm doing the weekly soundscapes, I'm exploring new social media channels, but all of this is surface stuff.

I've got an album that's done musically, but has stalled out in the producing phase. I've got all these ideas that I want to correlate, but haven't taken the time to put them all together. I've got a new story idea that I haven't started and many old ones that I've abandoned. It's time to make some decisions and lean into them.

So, I've decided to let all these smaller projects go and focus on the larger ones. I'll still keep the site active by keeping the Now page updated with my progress on projects, but the regular updates are falling to the wayside.

This is just part of the larger cleaning up that I've been working towards for the past few years - shore up all the smaller projects, make the time to set up the larger projects and knock them down, then move forward and lean into it.

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