Jason Vincion


⦿ Musician with a discography at Bandcamp that spans 20 years
⦿ Video game music cover artist with many past and present works
⦿ Self-awareness writer at Medium
⦿ Former record label owner
⦿ Brewer by trade

What I'm Doing Now

⦿ Stripping away the inessentials
⦿ Sifting through notes to build a life guide from them
⦿ Working on five different albums, which are in the early stages
⦿ Curating a playlist of influences
⦿ Still working on finishing Mordor

Newest Articles

⦿ Observing the Past to Find Future Clarity
⦿ A Musician That Writes
⦿ Do Stuff. See What Happens.
⦿ If You Want to Be Happy, Don't Do These Six Things
⦿ The Power of Decision

Newest Album

Shattered Memories is also available on other streaming platforms.

Newest VG Cover

Newest Sound Experiment