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Image Inspired Dare
Updated 2017-04-18.

Image Inspired Dare is a competition that originated on the Ambient Online Forums wherein the participants create an ambient piece inspired by a piece of art posted by the previous winner. The competitions transpire about every two months and I've taken quite the liking to it as well, as the fellow participants are all supportive and super-chill (as one might expect from people on an ambient music forum).

Currently this competition has been paused, as the Ambient Online Forums have been taken offline due to an ad-serving malware attack. The hosts of Ambient Online have set up an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to repair the site after the attack and potentially build a new-and-improved forum.

Image Inspired Dare #18

This is my first entry into the Image Inspired Dare competition and I entered because the image posted felt like a natural fit for my style. I already had a melody kicking around on my computer called Aerial Bliss, so I took that and manipulated it to my liking. Then, I took a sample of a windstorm outside of the brewery and manipulated that (a few times) to my liking as well, and the end result is what you hear below. It's currently in the voting stage and I'm tied for first place!

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