Jason Vincion
Head brewer at Outlander Brewing and ambient musician.
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In the seven weeks since acquiring my driver's license, my life has been quite hectic - I'm not even sure where to start, as there are many overlapping timelines of events that have kept me quite busy.

The most time consuming has been researching and looking at vehicles, and the biggest issue with that has been finding out that I really don't fit well in many, as most of them seem to be designed for people with shorter legs than I have.

I spent lots of time researching a few different vehicles that once I got in them, I realized that I didn't fit in them - I finally found (and purchased) one that suited me after about three weeks of searching, but the process itself was exhausting.

In relation to that, a major event happened on the first day I started the process of looking at vehicles – my last living grandparent (my 101-year old grandmother) passed away.

I had to get my dad a plane ticket to Tennessee for his mother's funeral at a moment's notice – my grandmother passed on a Wednesday, I got my dad a plane ticket on a Thursday, he flew down to Tennessee on a Friday, and the funeral was on a Sunday.

I was unable to go because of my own commitments to the brewery and I had a day trip planned the day of the funeral – the brewery which has been quite hot and humid to work in as of late, as well as having to deal with the aftermath and loss of the brewery's taproom being robbed.

I've also been traveling a lot this summer – the trips have been a lot of fun (especially since they've all been with a special lady), but the most recent one required me to do a 200+ mile round trip in a vehicle that I had only purchased two days previous (I've already put over 300 miles on the vehicle in five days of ownership).

Suffice it to say, a lot has been going on and I've been doing my best to endure it all.

It used to be that new experiences made me really anxious, but having been hit with so many new experiences over the past seven weeks, they don't phase me nearly as much anymore.

I still have more new experiences ahead of me this year, so it's been beneficial to have so many new things happen at once and being able to react to those events in ways that are progressively less anxiety-inducing.

That said, I wouldn't mind if the intervals between these new events slowed down a bit!

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