Jason Vincion
Head brewer at Outlander Brewing and ambient musician.
My music is on Amazon, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft Groove, and Spotify.
You can also find me on Ello, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, and YouTube.
Feel free to contact me at mail@jasonvincion.com.

I recently wrote on the Now page of an opportunity arriving and it has since come to pass – I've been promoted to head brewer at Outlander.

However, another opportunity arrived at the same time – I'm in a relationship with a wonderful woman after ten years of being single and it's the most positive and magnetic relationship I've ever been in.

These two opportunities coinciding have completely changed my schedule.

I used to have plenty of free time at my disposal and now I have much less.

I see this as a good thing, as it forces me to focus my energies on the things in life that I care about the most and leave behind what is inessential.

There are certain projects listed on my Now page that I really question if I want to bother to complete – like finishing my novel and finishing Mordor.

I'm also compelled to jettison a bunch of my old things without concern to their past significance.

I've learned that living in the present and planning for the future are far more meritorious ventures than keeping what was relevant in the past – all that does is weigh you down and slow down future opportunities from arriving.

What is important will stay with me – the relationships with the people in my life (especially one in particular), my work, and the tools I use to brew, make music, write, train martial arts, get in better shape, and promote my creativity with – everything else can go and it will not concern me in the slightest.

The changes in life and ideals continue to occur and I must rise up to meet them without the past weighing me down and holding me back from a more fulfilling existence.

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