Jason Vincion's Musical Showcase

2015-June-13: Site rebooted; "Ambient Glitch 01" added.

Hi, I'm Jason. I've written music for the past 21 years, which can be found elsewhere on the internet. I may link to it in the future, I may not. For now, I'm focusing on the music I'm going to create.

I've stripped down the site for the last time and am putting up my musical works from June 2015 forward. They won't have fancy titles - just genre names (to my best estimate) and the number in which the piece was created. If song names like "Ambient Glitch 01" are off-putting to you, I apologize in advance. I'm an instrumental musician these days and songs with vocals seem more suited towards having actual names.

I'm not sure how active I'll be, as I've got other big projects I'm working on and I'm pretty much bored with the internet. However, I still want to share my works, so this seems like the best solution. I hope you all enjoy!