The Music Bug

It seems as if the music bug has bitten again and my desire to create is back with a vengeance. I know I’ve put out a few pieces over the past couple months, so there’s certainly been a creative spark going, but now it’s kicking into overdrive.

I’m not sure what triggered it, though I’ve been reacquainting myself with Helmet’s “Meantime” album a lot lately. The interplay between the drums and the rhythms is second to none and some of the grooves are really slick.

In my younger years, I’d base a project off of trying to sound like a heavier version of Helmet. However, I seem to have lost my taste for super-heavy music. I prefer clean and bright tones these days, but I still enjoy sonically dense music.

So what’s the solution? It seems to be synths. Though I’ve always had an interest in them, I’m finding myself very drawn towards the warmth and complexity of analog tones lately. Therefore, I’m conceptualizing a project that focuses on big analog synth sounds and tight drum rhythms.

I’ve been ready to invest in an analog synth for a while and I know which one I want, but I’m a frugal sort and that’s a fair chunk of change to put down. For now, I have everything I need in Reason, but I’d like to get some live playing back into the mix.

As far as influential synth-focused bands are concerned, I’ve enjoyed Zombi’s work for quite some time, and almost all of the video game music I’ve enjoyed over the years is electronic, so those are definitely influences.

If I could combine Zombi’s synths and video game music with Helmet’s drumming (plus a little DJ Shadow influence) and put my own spin on it, I think I could have something that I’d really be proud of and enjoy.

Now, I just need to come up with a new project name…

Looking Forward

I’ve had quite a bit of time on my hands while waiting for my position at the brewery to begin, so I’ve taken some of that time to analyze my previous approaches to creativity and how a lot of them haven’t worked very well. Now, I’m approaching creativity in new and different ways and looking forward to how the different creative processes I engage in turn out.

After being totally burnt out from my previous employment (without realizing the depth that it encompassed), I restarted all my online creative projects in mid-July. The rebuilding process has definitely been enjoyable, though I’m taking a different approach this time around.

With my current creative projects, I’m creating things one at a time (be they blog posts or musical pieces) and letting those creations stand on their own. I spent enough time in the past writing albums or building websites with many absolute concepts in mind that I have no interest in taking those approaches again.

There are concepts behind my musical projects and the main concepts for this site are to give me the opportunity to share my life, ideas, and creations, but I’m totally flexible towards letting these projects evolve and grow as they will – rigidity and/or too much diversity were downfalls in my earlier endeavors.

I’ve learned to take the traditional wrestling promo approach to creativity, in that with each project I’m working on (posts or pieces), I try to hit a few basic plot points and let the rest come organically. As I said, I used to be rather rigid with my creations, and that only led to overcomplexity and stress. No thanks.

I still might end up spreading myself thin with diversity in projects (as I have a few more in mind), but as long as I’m able to conceptualize an idea and make it come to fruition, I’ll be satisfied with the results. I’ve come up with many musical ideas over the past two years and most of those are still sitting in my vast archive of notes from when I was still engaged in my previous employment.

The best thing about this new approach is that I have no expectations. Once the post or piece is complete, I’ll figure out how I want to distribute it, post it, and then let it stand on its own merits. I have no traffic or monetary goals in mind, though I’m grateful to anyone that chooses to share their time by reading something I’ve written or listening to something I’ve created. I’m also grateful to anyone that’s willing to compensate me for my efforts.

I’m basically creating for creativity’s sake, and that’s a beautiful thing.