Ambience in C Major, Op. 1

As a preface, I’ve recently created some abstract ambient pieces under a project name, but that path has mostly run its course.  I’ve decided to remove the abstract sounds and focus on making longer, more relaxing pieces under my own name that accentuate different timbres and textures.

The original goal for this piece was to come right up to the edge of the Bandcamp size limitations of 600 megabytes, but I only made it to 572 megabytes because Bandcamp uses the megabyte total as a hard line instead of the byte total.  I went for the byte total, which at 56 minutes and 41 seconds puts me about 60,000 bytes shy of 600 actual megabytes.

I contemplated holding off with the release and further stretching the piece, but I enjoy it as is and 3400 seconds (plus one second of silence at the end) divides well for sound stretching and works well with a variety of tempos.  Granted, the way the piece is stretched renders tempo a moot point, but the tempos are useful when writing.

I’ve limited myself to six sound files in the piece and with the completed piece (sound file #7), the space total comes to 4.2 gigabytes in bytes (about 4 gigabytes by the gigabyte total), which is under the maximum amount that fits on a burnable DVD for storage – one more sound file would push it over the limit.

With the way the pieces are written (in Reason), I could trim the sound file numbers down in future pieces by mixing multiple parts of the piece together before exporting them to .WAV files.  On the other hand, I could stick with six sound files and get even more involved with layering in Reason.  What I do remains to be determined.

Now that I’ve far too thoroughly described some of the technical details of my creative process, I’ll give my fingers a rest and post the piece.  As always, I hope you enjoy!

Finding Balance

I’m finding balance again after being torn in too many different directions from my previous employment and being disappointed with unfulfilled expectations that were unrealistic in hindsight.

I’m currently employed as a brewer, as it’s something I enjoy doing at home on a smaller scale and am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to do it professionally. I tried to make the same jump from passion to profession with music for many years, but the roads I took to do so lacked the tangibility required with brewing.

Whereas pride is taken at the brewery in the sheer number of different styles brewed since its inception almost two years ago, I’ve come to the point where I am content to brew saisons at home and alter each batch slightly to accentuate certain flavors.

While I’m not pursuing it professionally any more, I’ve been able to create music again since leaving my previous employment. A lot of it has been very abstract, but as all inclinations towards success have been nullified, I am content to create what I want to create.

The abstract music that I want to create is very ambient and experimental in nature. My best musical work when I was younger was in those realms, so I’m embracing that and moving forward. I’m almost done with the first of the new series of ambient pieces and I’ll have it up on Bandcamp in the very near future, along with more to follow.

Now that the stresses from my previous employment have dissipated, I’ve also regained my inclination to work on a website and start blogging again. I’ve continued to journal about certain ideas and topics on paper, and I’ve finally got those ideas collected enough that I feel confident enough to share them with those inclined to read them.

I’ve used this website to try many different things over the years, be it reviewing video games, self-help blogging, or detailing my homebrew process, but all of those different iterations were me trying too hard to be successful or emulate what someone else was doing. I no longer desire any of the things that success brings and am content to life a simple life that originates from within, so sharing my ideas and creations on this website when I’m inclined to do so is what I’m going to do. It seems more honest.

I’ve also decided to go back to using WordPress, though I did truly like the simplicity of having a strictly HTML5-compliant website. That said, it was a little too limited for my liking. I like the clean and simple nature of this theme and it affords me everything I need to share my ideas and creations without all the inessentials that my previous WordPress and HTML sites have had.

Finding balance through simplicity is a wonderful thing.