Silencing the Noise

I recently spoke with a friend and made a comment about how the noise our society is transmitting steadily increases, and we agreed that as we get older, we want to silence as much of that noise as possible.

I’ve already learned to tune out many of the things that don’t resonate with me, and even things that I thought were resonating with me. For example, I just had a small resolution for this issue pertaining to the time I spent on the internet.

I used to have a fair list of websites that I visited and spent a good deal of time reading the content of, but now that I’ve trimmed that list down to the bare essentials, I find that I don’t miss any of what I used to read.

I’m still focused on creativity, but I’m embracing more Eastern philosophies as of late by taking up martial arts again, looking more into yoga, and starting to meditate. Though I’m no stranger to Eastern philosophies, my recent interest in them continues to increase.

Out of those three things, meditation has been the most beneficial, as I was able to solve some problems while meditating that eluded me through regular introspection. I’m curious to see what else I’ll dredge up from my subconscious in the future.

I also realize that my creative output is likely noise to a great deal of people and I’m perfectly fine with that. I try to transmit ideas through personal experiences that hopefully will make some sort of positive impact on the person receiving them, whether they be through words or music. If that’s not the case, so be it.

I only hope to further silence the excess noise and bring the volume up on the things that are important to me.

A Renewed Goal

After dealing with a less-than-optimal situation yesterday, I’ve realized that it’s time to renew a goal and finish moving the Concatenation Records site to Bandcamp.

It’s a goal I’ve worked on achieving since shutting down the label a couple years ago, but I get sidetracked doing other things on my way to finishing that project. After removing concerns about how I spend my off hours in yesterday’s blog post, I’m able to solely focus on this goal and make it come to fruition without any other distractions getting in the way.

I’ve come to find goals arbitrary as of late, but at least this one makes sense in my pursuit of simplicity, as I can relegate concerns about the label even further to the periphery of my attention once I complete this goal.

It’s still going to take some time, as 43 collections still need to be uploaded, though half of those are minor releases of my own work. With those releases, I’m tempted to remaster the best tracks and combine them for a new release.

Doing so would give me a new goal to complete once I finish this one, though I hope I don’t end up as goal-oriented as I used to be. Then again, that might not be the worst thing in the world in the process of seeking simplicity.