Simply Writing

Though I chose to write in this medium this morning, I decided to pick up my guitar again yesterday morning and simply start writing. Lo and behold, I was able to put together the guitar part for a short song in twenty minutes.

After doing so, I realized that I’ve been overcomplicating the music writing process, even though I thought I was simplifying it by not using an instrument and just tracking everything with a mouse.

I used to write many songs on the guitar with relative ease when I was younger, so I’m not sure why I got away from doing so. It seems the last time I used my guitar to write songs was around two years ago.

As for the song I wrote, it should work pretty well with the new project I’ve worked on for the past week or so. I’m still working some of the bugs out of the sound, but it’s basically electric guitar and bass run through time-altering effects to create ambience. I may add a keyboard to the mix to further texture the sound, but I’m not certain it’s necessary to do so.

I’ve searched for the simplest and most natural way to write music and that search continues to lead me back to ambient music, so I’m going to embrace it and see where it takes me. I already have a project name and theme picked out, so now it’s time to simply get back to writing and go from there.

Time Compartments

With my new schedule of working four 10+ hour days a week and doing meditation and martial arts training (again), my amount of free time has dramatically dwindled. With that in mind, I’ve contemplated on how I can compartmentalize my free time in order to still have time for the rest of my pursuits.

Though I wrote of giving up music in my last post, I’ve decided against it as I’ve found a way to create it that intrigues me enough to continue its pursuit. I probably wouldn’t have given it up anyway, but I tend to get a bit frustrated while I’m searching for a way to create and I can’t find a way that I enjoy.

I do meditation Sunday mornings and martial arts training Monday afternoons, so the best time to set up and work on music would be after I get home from doing those things on both of those days. That would give me enough time to work on music that I’d still feel like I was accomplishing something and give me another thing to look forward to.

That leaves me one full day off a week, which is time to either be spent cleaning or doing something related to homebrewing (brewing or bottling). I finally got another batch brewed on September 29th (as mentioned), but the batch before that was six weeks previous to then.

I was homebrewing two to three times a month, even while interning at Outlander on the one bbl system, but it doesn’t seem as vital to homebrew now that I’m getting paid to brew on a 3.5 bbl system four days a week. I’m not home as much to drink my homebrew either, so going overboard with homebrewing is a little silly.

I do still enjoy the homebrewing process because I like creating my own recipes and seeing what my home-cultivated strains of yeast and bacteria will do, but I don’t need to brew all the time. I can probably alternate my full day off between brewing and cleaning, or if I’m bottling, I’d have time to do both.

That leaves writing and gaming, which I have time for on those days off if I choose, but I can also do them during the 2+ hours or so I have in the mornings before work. I wrote this post in less than an hour while warming my brain up with coffee, so I just need to write when motivation strikes me (and game when it doesn’t).

I’m sure there are other things I’ve overlooked, but they’re easy enough to fit in to tiny compartments when I have the time.